Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost done!

Just a few more presents to get for Christmas and a few for Rock Star J's Birthday and I am done with gift shopping! I LOVE shopping but this time of year I get a little burnt out.  Tonight Drama Queen S  and I have 3 dozen cookies to bake for her class DARE party. Tomorrow night I have to fix 20 treat bags for
Rock Star J to celebrate his birthday at school. Then on Thursday evening it will be Oreo Truffle makin time! Going to give those to the teachers.

MOMS moments of the week so far: 1.I cracked an egg. It never made it to the bowl! Slipped out of the shell, splashed on the table, slid to the chair, and ended up on the floor. MESSY! The kids thought it was funny! 2. I was putting on my jeans yesterday and my foot wouldn't go in. I had to stop pull my foot out and remove my fuzzy red slippers first! LOL

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  1. Hello happy new year newest follower look forward to reading your posts