Tuesday, December 6, 2011


When we were teenagers my niece, nephew and I (Yes, I have nieces and nephews close to my age) use to make fun of our moms. Mostly when they would forget to do something, do something totally "off the wall" or just something we could make fun of. We made a joke out of saying that our wonderful mothers had MOMS AKA to us as simply MOM Syndrome. We all swore we would never do those kind of things when we had children. No! Never!
A few years ago my nephew  (who is now married and has children) told me something stupid that he did one day. I reminded him of MOMS and told him I thought he was catching it! Of course we got a good laugh out of it. At that time I tried to say "I don't have it I am perfect, no silly mistakes." But alas,  I have decided that I  have full blown MOMS (I now call  Majorly Overworked Mom Syndrome or
Majorly Overworked Man Syndrome depending on who you are ;) I blame my children and Hubby J Just as I blame me and my siblings for my wonderful mom having it. (Just kidding!)
I pretty much have an MOMS episode every day. So I thought I would share them here. It might just help all the other MOMS sufferers out there!

MOMS moment of today: I turned the dryer on several times to make sure the clothes inside didn't get too wrinkled before I could fold them. I finally got time to fold them after the kids & Hubby J were in bed. Discovered there were no clothes in the dryer at all! The sad thing... I have done this before! I took a moment to laugh at myself then closed my eyes and danced a bit!

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