Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is in the air!

For a few days anyway. From the looks of things for this week we get two days of 70+ and sunshine then back to under 40 with rain/snow. :( I am keeping my fingers crossed that Spring Break next week will be nice and sunny! Things can change. Right? Hubby J can only get two days off at the end of the week. We are planning a road trip to Branson, MO and a few days at Silver Dollar City. (WOOHOO Lots of roller coaster riding for this Mommy Girl!)  Last Spring Break we did the same and ended up snowed in our hotel room. For the kids sake and my sanity I am hoping that things are much better this year. 
I have been itching to get out and start walking again. We were finally able to get in a good long walk.

  Here is my "not so little any more" Rock Star showing off on our evening walk.  He makes everything fun! 

I haven't posted an MOMS moment for a long while so I guess it's time: I was running around frantically looking for my phone. I kept telling my mom "I just have to find my phone! Because I am lost without it." After almost tearing the house apart looking for it I finally realized.... I was talking to my mom on it! Apparently I am lost with my phone as well. Yes, my mom who had the first case of MOMS in our family didn't realize it either ;)

~thatmommygirl~ :)

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