Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee® Fair Trade ~ Review

Excited! That's what I was when I found out I was getting to try Green Mountain Coffee® Fair Trade Certified™ coffees. I love my morning coffee and trying new flavors seems to be a hobby of mine. ;) I was fortunate to try Vermont Country Blend, Wild Mountain Blueberry,Colombian Fair Trade Select, and Sumatran Reserve. With the later being my favorite! I found the Sumatran Reserve a perfect start to my hectic morning rounding up the kiddos for school. A nice dark roast that is just enhanced even more with a little cream and sugar. My husband and I enjoyed all of the flavors. We did notice that the Wild Mountain Blueberry seemed to taste a bit different as it cooled down. Not bad but the flavor seemed to change to us.

Not only is this coffee delicious but when purchasing Green Mountain Coffee® Fair Trade Certified™ coffees you can help improve an entire community. 
Don't forget to check out  acclaimed musicians Grace Potter and Michael Franti  trips to Colombia and Sumatra via the  Green Mountain Coffee FaceBook page.  Watch them experience why Fair Trade means better coffee for you and a better life for farmers. You can also enjoy a live stream of  their  concerts. 

As a BuzzAgent in the Green Mountain Coffee® Fair Trade BzzCampaign  I was given K-cup coffee samples and coupons to use for myself and to share.



  1. Oh, I love a good coffee. The blueberry sounds interesting, but not exactly coffee-like.

  2. The blueberry really isn't very coffee-like but if it stays hot it's not too bad. I do drink it for breakfast once in a while. That way I can have my coffee and fruit all in one. ;)